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Collaborations Tackling Drug Solubility: AbbVie and Schrödinger Collaborate to Advance Accurate Prediction Methods

The complexity and size of drug candidates has grown in recent years as scientists pursue novel targets once considered undruggable. As a result, discovery teams are increasingly faced with the challenge of compounds demonstrating poor aqueous solubility. The solubility of a drug molecule is vital for its bioavailability. If a drug is not sufficiently soluble,

Collaborations Fast-Tracking Next-Gen Polymers: How SABIC is Leveraging Machine Learning and Physics Image depicts polymer molecules covered in rainbow paint.

Polymeric materials touch almost every facet of our daily lives, ranging from automobiles to energy storage to electronics to paints and coatings. Polymers are widely utilized because they are affordable, light weight, flexible, and easy to manufacture. However, despite significant advances in performance of polymeric materials over the past decades, designing new polymers that have

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